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Ask General Kang: What is the right amount of blogging?

Ask General KangFrankly, none. But never bite the hand that feeds you I say, particularly when it feeds you ripe fruit and vegemite sandwiches. This rule applies doubly for evil galactic overlords between gigs.

(And yes, the first continent to be occupied by my approaching armada WILL be Australia.)

But I digress. What is the proper amount of blogging? I guess it depends. Do you have something else to do? If not, then the sky is the limit. Blog ’till your fingers bleed.

Do you have a large audience who can’t wait to hear what stunning, insightful (or incite-ful) and elegant prose you will produce next? Then at least once a day, I suppose.

What if you’ve got a very tiny audience?

Oh, you sad and pathetic human.

Next time: What’s the best survival strategy for being trapped on a spaceship with a creature like the one in Alien?

Alltop is working on its strategy now, though I doubt you can make an alien laugh. (Maybe high-pitched screaming.) Originally published, June 2008. Crazy shit.


  1. what size can one label as a tiny audience? i was always told it was not the size of the audience, but the motion of the audience that counts. have i been led astray?

  2. I guess I’m a sad pathetic human. LOL

  3. I follow the ‘sad human’ philosophy on irregular blogging. Once a week? Twice? If I make three posts a week I’m quite proud of myself.

  4. Yes, I may go back to being a sad human over the summer. This daily posting thing is a killer, even with underhanded tricks.

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