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The Lost Power Point Slides (Frankenstein Edition)

Frankenstein's MonsterVictor Frankenstein Presents Whack-Job Theory (slide 1)

  • Take dead body parts and stitch together
  • Stick electrodes in
  • Charge with massive jolt of lightning
  • Of course it’s obscene, I’m Victor Frankenstein!

Victor Frankenstein Presents “What was I thinking?” (slide 6)

  • Man, I must be nuts, but then again, I am Victor Frankenstein
  • Creature was brutal to look at
  • Plus, it just killed my brother
  • Oh, now it’s killed my best friend
  • And my newlywed wife.

The Monster Presents the Concept of “Fire” (only slide)

  • Anngh! Anghhhh!
  • Baaad!

The Monster Explains Itself to Frankenstein(slide 2)

  • Actually, old boy, you really made me feel quite unwanted
  • Remember when you animated me, and I smiled at you, and you ran screaming from the lab in horror?
  • Yes, that was when I decided to ruin your life.
  • When did I learn to speak? Oh, between murdering your brother and your best friend I went to college. (I majored in communications.) and Alltop are also grotesque monstrosities that you should fear. Thanks to bbaltimore for the photo.

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  1. Communications… oh man, made from left over body parts and has a useless degree!

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