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Religious Convictions

Wanda and James and their religious beliefsWanda and James fell in love when they were performing the off-off-off-Broadway production of Sid Whelp’s Mutant Buggery Marginal Headlice Bingo Floormop Pastrami-on-Rye Asphalt Follies. (Usually shortened to “The Mutant Follies”.) In addition to their love of the theatre, they shared a unique faith; they both belonged to an obscure sect of Zoroastrianism in which acolytes were sent forth into the world to torment unsuspecting minor officials by lacing their undergarments with Ben-Gay.

For their honeymoon, they decided to visit China, where their religious convictions were not appreciated. (Especially by the minor officials.)

Alltop and should also be convicted.

Part of the Toulouse Le Grandfig collection. Photo by midiman