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Greetings from Bonodminton

Greetings from Bonodminton ...Research scientists from GruntWerx 3000 (The Caring Company) were thrilled to finally track down the source of the mysterious transmissions the Corporate Imperium has been receiving for centuries, proving once and for all the existence of non-human non-robotic sources of intelligence in the multi-verse.

Unfortunately, the creatures of Bonodminton (in the Crimson-Arsed Nebula) have fixated on an unlikely “sport” outlawed by the Corporate Imperium twelve centuries ago for being extremely suggestive and silly.

The creatures will be eliminated as soon as the fleet of Red Juggernauts arrives at their desolate, shuttle-cock infested planet.

Alltop is also suggestive and silly. From Toulouse Le Grandfig in the Land of the Future, circa 2009. Photo by Odegaard


  1. But could the best players of Bonodminton beat the Chinese?

  2. Mark A. Rayner Mark A. Rayner

    Have you seen the size of those shuttle cocks! My guess is only a strong gorilloid can handle it.

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