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The Lost PowerPoint Slides (Pope Leo X Edition)

Pope Leo XLeo X Rejoices (circa March 11, 1513) –> slide 2

  • It has served us well, this myth of Christ.
  • God has given us the papacy
  • Let us enjoy it
  • That means party like it’s 1599!

Secretary intimus of Leo X presents a short list of things required for next Papal parade (circa 1514)
–> slide 5

  • 24 tuns of wine
  • 12 panthers
  • 3 jesters
  • plus, Hanno, the white elephant.

Alfonso Petrucci presents “The Pope must die” (circa 1517) –> slide 6

  • Spends too much money on himself
  • Always drunk
  • This “St. Peter’s Basilica” project is also very expensive
  • Not to mention the 6,000 ducats he gave in alms last year.

Leo X presents “What to do with a problem like Petrucci?” –> slide 2

  • Follow his co-conspirators
  • Wouldn’t it be terrible if they all caught fatal “food poisoning”?
  • Oh, and let’s strangle Alfonso.

Leo X presents Bull! (circa 1520) –> slide 1

  • Exsurge Domine
  • Luther must retract 41 of 95 theses
  • Or be excommunicated
  • (Christians must be taught to cherish excommunications rather than to fear them.)

Leo X presents “It’s good to be Pope” (circa 1521) –> slide 7

  • So what if Luther burned my Bull?
  • We’ll burn heretics like him.
  • Can someone do something about all these mosquitoes?
Alltop and like funny hats too. Pope Leo X, b. December 11, 1475, d. December 1, 1521 (of malaria). x Originally published, Dec. 2006.