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Been Champ Beaned Champ

Jimmy 'The Toes' TeteskuJimmy “The Toes” Totesku had great form, quick feet and a legendary left hook.

In his class, he was 12-0, with one TKO. (Bobby “Thunderpants” Riggs had turned out to be a tougher fight than Jimmy had anticipated.)

Nobody really knew why Jimmy thought he could fight the Heavyweight Champion of the World, Ike “The Cannibal” Tymson, but the promoters had thought it was a dream match-up, and the bout was carried world-wide on Pay-Per-View.

Jimmy trained hard, asked his parents to buy him a new pair of boxing gloves, and even managed to go number one like a big boy before the match.

The fight lasted 1.7 seconds. Just long enough for Tymson to bite off Jimmy’s head.

Alltop and are in a slap-fight to the death. Originally published October 2006.

More of Toulouse Le Grandfig’s works of Dada can be found in the Toulouse Le Grandfig category.


  1. Did you make that up, or did you find it somewhere?

  2. The photo is vintage. As is the story. History is so weird. 🙂

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