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Furnished room for let

The Infamous Kelly GangThe Kelly Gang was notorious, not only for their 1905 pancake rampage through East Ham, but for their queer genetic makeup.

In the back row, you can make out the vacant gazes of Bertie (left), Wayne (middle) and Herbert (right). For some reason, all of the older brothers were either confused, half-witted or smelled like bacon.

In the front row, you can see the younger brothers are a little more intelligent: Jefferson (left), Enid (middle) and Patrocles (right). Jefferson and Patrocles had superhuman taste, which, while not a particularly useful gift, helped them enjoy the finer things in life, even if they could only find them in the dustbin. Enid had laser vision. (At least, that’s what the ladies all said.)

The older brothers were all killed during the 1906 Waffle Atrocity, while the younger brothers all went on to be successful hobos.

Alltop is a hobo celebrity. Originally published January 2007.

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