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Excruciating Album Cover Art — Milk Man

Milk Man -- DeerhoofAs you can see, the Milk Man has been attacked by a homicidal maniac armed with fresh fruit.

Not only has he been brutally stabbed in his androgynous hip and armpit with a banana, the hermaphroditic and ghostly Milk Man has been brained with a strawberry.

Lucky for him the attacker wasn’t packing a pineapple. Then his number would have been up for sure.

Now, most of us would be dead at this point, but as I’ve pointed out, the epicene lactosian decorating this album cover seems to be enjoying his/her encounter with the savage fruit assailant. I have to be honest at this point, I’m not terribly disturbed by the violent fruit atrocities (these things happen all the time), nor does the Milk Man’s bisexual proclivities cause me pause — it is the black goo that (s)he appears to be extruding from his/her winsome smile that has been haunting my dreams since I saw this cover.

Ironically, some reviewers have described this as San Francisco Deerhoof‘s most accessible album.

My only question is what would the Milk Man do about pointed sticks?

For more excruciation, join Paul Zon at his Museum of Bad Album Cover Art. You may also want to visit the excruciating Alltop . Originally published in the dark ages (2007).


  1. I have this album, and I’ve always wondered if the album art somehow got corrupted in iTunes – maybe mixed up with some OTHER Milkman by Deerhoof. But no, I guess it’s the real thing. Unfortunately.

    At least the music is good.

  2. So the music is good? That was what I read, but when the cover … it really freaks me out, actually…

  3. I’m just wondering how you sharpen a banana to that point? Kang… buddy, help us out with that…

  4. Deerhoof is like the beautiful love child of Bjork and Hi-Standard – oh and nice synopsis of the cover art.

  5. That’s just weird.

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