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Blogger ponders on things instead of musing about them

LONDON, Ontario (The Skwib) — The web is still reeling from the revelation that a blogger has been pondering things instead of musing about them.

Variety of cogitation used on weblogs“Yeah, I’ve spent a lot of time musing, in fact, the tagline from my blog used to be ‘muted musings from Jeff’s tasty trumpet” — clever, eh? But . . . I don’t know, it just seemed like it was time to, you know, start pondering instead,” Jeffrey Trumpeter told The Skwib in an early morning phone interview.

Trumpeter runs “Assorted Cream Fillings (pudding-like ponderings from Jeffrey’s pastry pan),” a blog devoted to his interest in cats, Boston Cream Donuts, hockey, politics and humor he describes as either “quirky” or “explosive”.

“Yeah, I’m pretty happy with the change in direction. I think I’ll keep pondering on things for a while,” Trumpeter said.

According to experts, Trumpeter is one of many bloggers who are shifting their mode of cogitation.

“We have been tracking this development with new blogging software, ThoughtCounter, and we may be reaching the tipping point away from musing,” Leslie Flapkake, PhD candidate at a “leading university”, told The Skwib.

“Musings are still the most popular form of cogitation,” Flapkake said, “but you see people pondering, reflecting, mulling, brooding and even thinking.”

Pie chart courtesy of ThoughtCounter.

Alltop does not believe bloggers can cogitate. Originally published in 2005. Yes, 2005, so you can see the trend is still developing. The pie chart is brand new though, so that’s something.


  1. Skwib I think I will ponder this post for awhile : )

  2. Musing comes naturally to me, but pondering seems like a good change of pace. While I’m at it, I really need to think about the fact that I wish I had written this post.

  3. You put thinking at 1%; I don’t know if this is accurate. I’d put it at about .01%. “Taking the ‘hum’ out of ‘huminanities.”

  4. And I snark – “snark” didn’t even make the list… boo.

  5. Hmm, perhaps that’s another category altogether. Snarking, kvetching, etc. And the chart is definitely not accurate! 🙂 m

  6. I thinking is more than 1% though…thinking about something and pondering are pretty much the same to me.

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  8. Glad to be introduced, via the carnival of the psychosphere.

    Rationalizing. I spend a lot of time on that and I’m good at it. I’m disappointed you left it out.

  9. I must admit, that one did not cross my mind. 🙂 m.

  10. What, no muddling?

    Muddling my way through happens to be one of my favorite methods. It’s like pondering, but substantially more aimless and thickly veined with the grim acceptance that wherever you are is exactly where you is. You don’t have to think about it, you just have to accept it. And then, keep muddling in your finest fashion.

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