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The Lost PowerPoint Slides (Letter from Wolfers Edition)

Side view of WA MozartOn names (slide one)

Baptized Johannes Chrysostomus Wolfgangus Theophilus Gottlieb) Mozart
That fourth name variously translated to:

  • Amadeus (Latin)
  • Gottlieb (German)
  • Amadeo (Italian)
  • Amadè(French)

On names (slide four)

  • All-in-all, prefer Amadè
  • Close friends and family can call me “Wolfers”
  • YOU can lick my arse!
  • ‘Till it’s clean!

The Amadeus Net - cover image

Papa was a pimp (slide two)

  • And I was the boy mawke, as they say in London.
  • A famous pianist, as you know.
  • Pianist, pianist, pianist!

Papa was a pimp (slide three)

  • And my sister Nannerl, she was a bunter too.
  • A prodigious player of pianii.

Johann Christian Bach (slide four)

  • shown me how to put a lovely surface texture on piano sonata in B-flat
  • plus it sounds good with dramatic farts!

Constanze (slide twelve)

  • Light of my life
  • Puts up with long nights, expense of candles
  • Did I mention her cunny?

Prague (slide two)

  • My Praguers understand me.
  • They liked Don Giovani.
  • And my pizzle-fizzle!

Composing (slide six)

  • Difficult work.
  • Requires rewriting.
  • And a place to shit!

Death (slide two)

  • Would have lived longer without all the bleeding.
  • Oh, and the piss!
Alltop is marginally more foul-mouthed. Inspired by Mozart’s 255th birthday (yesterday). Originally published in January, 2006. Brought to you by The Amadeus Net, which features our caca-mouthed composer .


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