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Rozie the riveterRozie was a helluva’ dame.

She could sink those rivets faster than a two-dollar fancy-girl could peel the wrapping off a sailor on shore leave, after he’d been at sea for several months, writing bad poetry and extended metaphors that ended up just kind of petering out, the way that an old man with a pipe full of wet monkey fur did, trying to light the mangy stuff with a can full of lima beans instead of a match or a zippo, or the right technology for the job.

Then the propeller cut off her head.

More heroic attempts at comedy can be found at Alltop. Originally published, September 2008.


  1. ‘Then the propeller cut off her head.’

    I bet that didn’t stop her though.

  2. I’m a sucker for an extended metaphor.

  3. But did ANY of this have any significant impact on her cello playing?

    -I’m having trouble finding “Rozie the Riveter” on iTunes.

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