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It’s a snap!

I’m not sure how the makers of this little bit of genius got permission to do it, but this is a real ad. (I’m still a little suspicious because I couldn’t see any mention of it on the college’s website — the two comedians who made the video are grads of the college though. Update: it’s real — check out the affidavit from the college’s online campaign poobah in the comments.)

Alltop was always worried about teleporting.


  1. Hi Mark,

    As the Online Manager in Central’s Marketing team, I can assure you that we commissioned the video and were involved in its development and distribution. However, because it is targetted at such a specific audience, and isn’t intended to resonate with everyone, we intentionally haven’t posted it on our corporate website where the audience extends to future and current students of all ages, parents, employers, partners and the community.

    Instead we have limited it to channels where the video will be best received and understood. The response has been nothing short of phenomenal and very well deserved to our fantastic graduates, Henry and Aaron.


  2. admin admin

    Thanks for the info Caroline, and I have to say congratulations — it really is way beyond what most colleges and universities would consider doing.

    You might want to put up some kind of media release or something about the campaign on the corporate site (not the actual video), just so inveterate skeptics like me can know they’re not being punked.

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