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Pirate Therapy and Other Cures

My new collection is now available on Amazon and on Kindle:

Pirate Therapy and Other CuresEver wondered what might happen if your therapist was replaced by a pirate? Or how disquieting it would be to receive postcards from your future self?

If William Shatner was elected President of the United States, what would his inaugural address sound like? Mark A. Rayner tackles these, and stranger, questions in his collection of short stories, essays and flash fiction that thrum with the absurd and hum with alienation, all to a humorous beat.

Jesus contends with dinosaurs. Marcel Duchamp describes what happens to a Dadaist who has a monkey’s tail grafted to his butt. Whether he is explaining how Anne of Green Gables destroyed the world, or outlining Thor’s new PR strategy, Rayner entertains with wit, humor and an imagination that is one step short of certifiable.

Available at Amazon as a $7.98 paperback and a 99-cent Kindle edition.

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Alltop tacks for trollops, matey.