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Ampersand wearing a fez

Ampersand wearing a fez, by Marc Johns

I think Marc Johns has nailed it. This is exactly the kind of whimsical hat an ampersand would wear. Here are some other suggestions punctuation/headgear combos:

  • colon wearing a bowler hat
  • semi-colon wearing a flat cap
  • question mark wearing a fedora (everyone knows question marks are hipsters)
  • exclamation point wearing a pickelhaube
  • hash tag wearing a Pope hat
  • umlat wearing a miner’s helmet

Feel free to add your suggestions in the comments!

Alltop wears its ballcap sideways.


  1. Evan Evan

    A hashtag, if that counts, could wear a Napoleonic chapeau:


  2. admin admin

    You know, I was trying to decide what a hashtag should wear — I think you’ve sussed it out!

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