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Training monkeys to be terrorists

Didn’t anyone learn from the Planet of the Apes?

According to the People’s Daily Online, the Taliban are training monkeys to attack US forces in Afghanistan. According to their report:

Reporters from the media agency spotted and took photos of a few “monkey soldiers” holding AK-47 rifles and Bren light machine guns in the Waziristan tribal region near the border between Pakistan and Afghanistan. The report and photos have been widely spread by media agencies and Web sites across the world.

Now if there is any truth to this, which I seriously doubt, given the doctored photo, it is completely outrageous. Then again, we’re talking the Taliban here, so why should we expect anything else.

Of course, according to the Chinese, this has been tried before by the CIA in Vietnam. You can find the nonsense at the People’s Daily here. HT Nothing to Do with Arbroath.