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More insightful and interesting reviews for Marvellous Hairy at

The reviews for our five-fractal novel continue to trickle in at Amazon, and I wanted to highlight a few:

“Rayner’s writing is somewhat reminiscent of Tom Robbins in its surrealism, playfulness, and irreverence. Each character has a unique voice, and their witty, realistic dialogue brings them to life and endears them to the reader. While the plot meanders a bit, the meanderings are often hilarious and generally do manage to tie in by the end.” — Valerie J. Saturen

“If you’re a fan of Canadian humor, monkeys, lizards, sex, monkey sex, lizard sex, Shakespeare, satire, crime fiction, eccentric characters, ensemble comedies, or all of the above (as I am) then “Marvellous Hairy” is a book for you-oo-oo-oo! ” — Nicklaus Louis

“Rayner’s second book is a vertiginous and free-wheeling narrative that brings satire to a juddering pitch, a meeting place between the absurd and the hilarious….One would have to Imagine “Flowers for Algernon” rewritten as a surrealist comedy, or a risible spoof of Will Self’s Great Apes. Or, perhaps, Marvellous Hairy resolutely defies any attempt at comparison, appealing to the inner primate in all of us.” — Kane Xavier Faucher

“Mark Rayner tells a mean story. He develops his characters into well rounded people you almost feel you know. His latest Marvellous Hairy is damn funny, ranging from chuckling clever at it’s lightest while it’s funnier parts actually made me laugh aloud.” — Mojo Brown

“What we get in this novel is to meet and experience colorful characters as they experience their phantasmagoric delusions in worlds few normal people can ever hope to understand… It is filled with humor, albeit a little off the beaten path, but will nevertheless hold your attention, if for no other reason than to satisfy your curiosity about where is this all heading.” — J. Guild

You can check out the full reviews on here. I’d encourage you to add your own review — even if it’s a short one, it will help more people know about the book!