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Midwest Book Review: The Fridgularity is “highly recommended”

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Woo, great review news — the Midwest Book Review, which is one of the few well-respected review outfits used by librarians and archivists that still reviews independent and small press books — has given The Fridgularity a glowing review:

“The Internet is accessible by more and more things, even when it may be that it isn’t the best idea. “The Fridgulairty” is a science fiction adventure following Blake Given and his web-enabled fridge which has chosen to take on the world by shutting off the internet, and Blake has to deal with the sudden disappearance of the once so vital internet, while trying to live life as a human being. With plenty of humor and much more, “The Fridgularity” is an exciting, sci-fi view askew, highly recommended.”

I was intrigued to see they’d listed it under SF and Fantasy, not humor, so the book is clearly working in that genre. You can see it here, and check out MBR’s whole website here.

Alltop comes highly recommended, by its mother. Photo by AlwaysBelieve on DeviantArt.


  1. Wow, I stop blogging for twenty-nine or thirty months and now you’re receiving rave reviews for actual books.

    When I recover from my fits of jealousy… well, no telling when that will happen.

  2. admin admin

    That is a serious hiatus, man. Hyperatius? Highatus? I hope it was restful, now get back to work you lazy bastid.

  3. admin admin

    Oh, and go buy my book. 🙂

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