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As much as I dislike the tendency of our media to focus on the leaders of the political parties, I think in once case it is clearly warranted. That is for Stephen Harper. I can’t remember another PM or leader of a Canadian political party being such a control freak. Harper’s anal-retentive proclivities reach beyond his own party. They affect our public servants, our government services, and they have even prevented the House of Commons from doing its job. His government is the first in the history of parliamentary democracies to be held in Contempt of Parliament.

Contempt is the word. It’s clearly how he feels about us as voters, judging by his actions as a politician and the leader of our country. Here’s a few of the behaviours I object to:

  • Bush-style fear tactics
  • reliance on negative advertising
  • character assassination
  • unwillingness to embrace the traditions of parliamentary democracy.

He’s contemptuous of his parliamentary colleagues, of the media, of artists, and as much as he likes to speak to “ordinary Canadians”, he doesn’t seem to be looking out for us. The only thing he seems to really care about is winning a majority. If he were to win one, the contempt would become even more naked.

Let’s show him the feeling is mutual.

Feel free to use the poster (it’s derivative, of course, but I hope the irony makes up for that), and if you want a high-res version to print, you can find it here. CC: Attribution, Noncommercial, No Derivative Works