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Month: March 2006

The Carnival of Satire (#27)

The Carnival of SatireGreetings comrades. Strangely, this is once again an extremely spiritual Carnival of Satire, though we were sad to see that Buddhism was not included in the religions represented. Come on people! Just because the religion is … like … all detached and filled with the such-ness of the moment, doesn’t mean we can’t satirize it. Think Bart Simpson and his answer to the question: “What is the sound of one hand clapping?”

Okay, we’re sure you’ll clap at least two hands for this week’s submissions:

Limerick Savant at limerick savant has a work of genius! It’s rare to find a limerick that not only doesn’t have the word “Nantucket” in it, but that also works on several levels at once. Chef’s return: a dish served cold.

Attention all doctors! Hobart T. Johnson at Hobart T. Johnson has unearthed a tome that you must read. A new Medical Textbook: Inject First, Ask Questions Later.

Amanuensis at Catymology tells us of the first group interspecies nuptials. For anyone with a cat, this might just strike a little too close to home.

Le centre at Centrerion wakes up to smell Osama and Coffee.

Harvey Bluedorn at Trivium Pursuit really tickled General Kang’s fancy with this Unfortunate Omission. You didn’t know that the general is greatly amused by our ancient history, did you?

AbbaGav at AbbaGav has cut through the bureaucracy and found the New Hamas Govt Employee Benefits Form.

Dean Swift at A Swiftian Rant gets all medieval on our buttocks in New Pope Steps Up.


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