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Month: June 2006

The Carnival of Satire (#40)

carnival of satire (#40)Welcome to the 40th Carnival of Satire, where we have satire that’s transcendent, transhuman (including the transpapal), transgendered and, we hope, transgressive.

A special thanks to Ahistoricality for finding The Straight Man’s Guide to Lousy Sex at Susie Bright’s Journal. Though to be fair, we think about 80 percent of straight men don’t need a guide.

Ali Eteraz has satire so deep and dark you’ll need a spelunking helmet and headlamp in: Muslim Satirists Commit Mass Suicide.

Buckley F. Williams has news of the New York Times revealing Timmy Durgin’s Hiding Place.

More treats from Ahistoricality, who has also found a discussion of How to Survive a Robot Uprising, Revisited. We have blogged about this book, but have yet to purchase it, mostly because we’re jealous we didn’t think of it first. And on a related note, there’s this satirical quiz: what kind of transhuman are you?

Anonymous Educator digs up more dirt as a member of the Beautification Committee.