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Month: June 2006

Don’t Eat It Ross! Episode One: Cthulu Insanity Peppers

by Ross, guest columnist and gastronomic daredevil

This just arrived direct from Pittsburgh. My girlfriend’s parents bought them for me. Normally, my palate would be intrigued by the idea of sweet peppers stuffed with prosciutto and provolone. However, in jar form, the concept is somewhat different (if not downright disturbing).

1) Side view: Somewhat interesting. Mostly benign.
peppers, side view

2) Bottom view: To quote The Skwire (Mark): Usually this is the last thing you see. Then something really bad happens.

peppers, bottom view

After much deliberation, and ignoring the pleas for my safety, I have decided to sample the ominous-looking “Banana Pepper Shooters” from Pittsburgh.

Pic 1: The peppers in their glory.

peppers in their glory

Pic 2: There was no reassuring ‘pop’ sound of the vacuum seal breaking. I am starting to get concerned. The smell emanating from the jar can only be described as similar to snorting a pickled egg off the floor of a vinegar factory. My nose hairs singe!

no pop sound

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The Carnival of Satire (#36)

The Carnival of Satire, with pic of Bruce SpringsteenIf this carnie’s a rockin’, don’t come a knockin’! Welcome to the 36th edition of The Carnival of Satire.

The Band

Cue the electric guitars. Sober up the drummer! Jon Swift has 50 More Conservative Rock Songs to add to The National Review’s .

George at Facetation has found some lost liner notes written by Hunter S. Thompson. (General Kang is pretty sure this is not made up, but the liner notes sure read like great satire.)

Apparently, a cat was Falsely Accused of Passing Gas, a story vented over at at Catnabbit!. Dr. Tundra thought the pic was hilarious.

Chris Quimby, CPC – Certified Public Comedian shares his latest Job Interview, including thoughts about dairy products, superheroes and white-water rafting. (See, you have to read it now, don’t you?)

Miriam at miriam’s ideas explains how six librarians split the cheque. This isn’t really satire, but Thag insisted we share it.