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Month: June 2007


Whoa, content on a Saturday? Not much, really, but some good stuff nevertheless. Archer is one funny lawyer, and is a satirical bastard to boot.…

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The Carnival of Satire (#77)

The Carnival of SatireWelcome to the Carnival where snark is our art, and snide is our pride! This week has another fine collection of blogospheric satire:

Alejna writes a column of entertaining tips for American Hovel Magazine and this article on Preparing for Overnight Guests is quite useful.

Finally someone has come up with a Blogger Satisfaction Survey that reads like a Cosmo sex survey! Thank you Rich Minx.

Daniel Brenton has managed to get a transcript of The Mary Hart Interview with Jesus Christ. Somehow it was never aired.

On a related note, Damian G. has word that Paris Hilton found God; God relieved tests come back negative.

Yitzchak Goodman at Judeopundit takes us on a literary sidebar with the Gitmo Poetry Preview II.

Speaking of the Cheney Thing, the Rude Pundit has this list of six things the Office of the Vice President

We don’t think the Cheney Thing would make much of a Freegan Cato beatbox king.

Chris has been reading The Secret, and has run an Experiment with Intention-Manifestation Theory.

Madeleine Begun Kane’s bemusement comes through in her doggy doggerel: Yoga For What???.

Inspired by Judge Roy Pearson suing the pants off his drycleaner, Tim Abbott gets litigious in this posting about the Top Ten Lawsuits He’d Like to See

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