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Are you SAD?

Downward trend graphA public service announcement from The Skwib

This time of year can be troubling for bloggers; the days get shorter, the holiday season has its own particular stresses, and for those running weblogs, there are the dangers of SAD.

Statistical Affective Disorder (SAD) is caused by an abrupt and inexplicable drop in the visitor statistics to your blog. Early symptoms include:

  • sudden weeping
  • shout at the ceiling: “why, why, gods of blog … why?”
  • desperate attempts/plans/Fred Flintstone-like schemes to boost readership including:
    • massive increase in Tweets
    • hyper-active friending on Facebook
    • increased meme generation.

As the disorder progresses, you may find yourself:

  • bitter
  • angry
  • drunk.

And in the final stages, SAD can even lead to:

  • apathy
  • self-loathing
  • watching TV and reading books.

If you have any of these symptoms you may have SAD, and should seek qualified psychiatric help at the first opportunity. Alternatively, you could just turn off your damned computer.

Alltop and humor-blogs.com both suffer from FUN (Frequent, Uncomfortable Noobishness). Originally published in December 2005.)


  1. Do the stats really drop or is it just our perception? Is it critical to get psychiatric help? I find drunkeness suits me fine.

  2. hence the reason i am taking the whole week off to watch gilligans island re-runs, guess i have to go by a tv. you will of course get the tacky holiday email, but i wanted to come by and say TATA till the 27th. probably should have made it till after the new year. thanks for being there from the very start. now it’s off to see if i can break my legs. BEHIND YOU LEFT BABY!

    love ya pops

  3. I think you can make do with being drunk. Have a good Christmas break Rev!

  4. Mart Mart

    December and the worthless xmas season are a dead loss for work, business, web traffic to one’s site, normal conversation, tv commercials and a positive bank balance.
    Best to just hibernate until Jan 2nd.

    Check your email Marky Mark

  5. Mart Mart

    The HashCash code system crashed Safari once and erased my comments twice in Firefox when I got the code wrong.
    If I get the code wrong or I hit the new ID button due to it being unintelligible it would be nice if, at least it bothered to remember the comment I had so artfully written.
    I told you comments weren’t worth the paper they’re printed on…

  6. “December and the worthless xmas season are a dead loss for work, business, web traffic to one’s site, normal conversation, tv commercials and a positive bank balance.” I pretty much agree, but I thought web traffic would be up, with so many people shopping online. Mine is great, although I got a few big hits and may not be typical. Are others seeing a downtrend this month?

  7. Definitely. Sorry about the Safari thing Mart. At least this way some people can comment if they want to though. m.

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  9. I think I have a prolonged case of the SAD… either that or I’m lazy.

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