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Brought to you by the letters w, y and b

the naughty letter wDude, this clipart reminds me of my time as an itinerant toe-surgeon in Bangkok.

You can check out the entire Erotic Clipart Alphabet over at Ration Reality. If you think the letter “w” is naughty, wait until you see “y”! Definitely not safe for work, and reminiscent of the Dirty Vicar sketch, especially “y”, thought I suppose that would be the “fornicating bishop” sketch.

Holy crap! I just noticed what’s really going on in the letter “b”…

Excuse me.



  1. I’m rather fond of E myself.

    Thanks for the link

  2. drtundra drtundra

    Oh, let’s be honest, they’re all good. Though after my years as a toe-surgeon, I can’t say that a, m, or v really do it for me. Max

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