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Early rave reviews of Alpha Max

Wow, there are some early rave reviews of Alpha Max, which I just have to share!

Reedsy Discovery

screen cap of early rave review for alpha max

Reedsy Discover has a wonderful and beautifully written review of Alpha Max, by Nisha Ward. I especially liked that the reviewer appreciated the character work (even if most of the characters are duplicates of Maximilian Tundra.)

Alpha Max is one of the funniest books I’ve read in a long time. Max Tundra’s life gets swept up in an intergalactic, multiversal plot to remake the universe sans entropy and yet, that looming deadline doesn’t matter. Instead, what is important is what Max learns about himself and how he matters.

“This is a funny book. From Max’s encounters with his other selves to the flat-out bizarre adventures he finds himself on, I had a hard time not laughing and enjoying myself. Every page presented a new situation in which something funny would happen, or one of the Maxes would speak, and I would find myself having a laugh at his expense. ”

There’s also an early reader review, from a self-confessed “fanboy” who has read everything I’ve written so far:

Rayner’s signature humor, absurdity, dark comedy, and satire, all wrapped into a great story.

Scott Fabirkiewicz, Reedsy Discovery Reader

Love this gem on Twitter!

Early rave reviews on Goodreads

There’s also a few early rave reviews over on Goodreads. (I hope that bodes well for Amazon, as they’re owned by the same company.) Here’s a few excerpts:

Not only is the story hilarious, but true to Mark Rayner’s style, it makes crafty insights into such topics as gender identification among other issues that create a completely satisfying reading experience! Highly recommended.

Grady Harp, Amazon Top 100 Reviewer

I highly recommend Alpha Max to readers who enjoy character growth, deep thinking, and penis jokes. What’s life without a scrotum shaped, inter-dementional spacecraft?

Michael Shelton, Goodreads

… the first few pages lured me in with their sarcastic, irreverent humour, which made me think of Terry Pratchett.

Bob Hughes, Goodreads

The Book Commentary gave it five stars too!

A dark comedy of sorts, it is completely worth the read. Mark A. Rayner writes in gorgeous prose and has a unique gift for plot that is twisty without missing anything when it comes to creating characters that are rock-solid and relatable. It is fast-paced and fraught with humor, a tale that is crafted to entertain readers while piquing their imagination in yet surprising ways.

Matthew Ward, The Book Commentary Reviewer