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It's all in the subtext, baby

Before we can examine its intricate subtext, I’m afraid you’ll have to go watch this video:


Aside from the horn-dog insanity of this method of English instruction, it sends very mixed messages. At first, it seems as though one might be learning proper etiquette for business meetings held on the golf course:

  • “Lovely golf weather today.”
  • “It is in the middle of the fair way.”
  • “Would you like something cold to drink?”

Though when you learn the next phrase, you think, hmm, maybe not:

  • “What’s the fastest way to the theatre?”

Then you discover the real story, when you figure out how to say:

  • “Thanks for inviting me tonight.”


This is confirmed when the dance for:

  • “You have a wonderful place”

is danced in all its suggestive majesty.

Only to be dashed by the frenetic, furtive:

  • “I’m afraid that I must be going.”

Yep, those Dancing Sirens of Engrish are not so easy. Even if they are in distress:


If YOU are now in distress you may want to call for some humor help. HT to OMB for these vids.

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