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I'll keep adding to this, but here are a few sites I'd recommend for now.

Mozart's 250th Birthday: January 27th

With this birthday upcoming, I thought I'd include a few links to Mozart resources around the web. I've found this one that will hopefully soon have a list of events taking place around the event: link

SF Resources for Writers
This is a set of links I've put together to go with a couple of presentations I've done on genre writing.

London Literary Project
Okay, for those of you reading everywhere but London (Ontario), the title of this site is about London ... yes ... Ontario (Canada, for those of you completely at lost). Our little burg (pop. 400,000 or so, if you include the outlying communities) has a burgeoning literary community, and we need to let people know about it. Unfortunately defunct, but still a good list of writers in London as of Sept. 2005.

Christopher Moore
I've really enjoyed all of Christopher Moore's books, and I think this is an example of a really solid author's website. Lots of detail about the writer and his books, but not too much. And it LOOKS nice too. (Though the "blog" is not strictly speaking, a blog.)

ENC Press
Tipping Sacred Cows since 2003. Started by publishing veteran Olga Gardner Galvin, ENC Press is a politically incorrect press, which is just another way of saying Olga's not afraid of examining socio-cultural issues from ALL perspectives. This makes me happy, particularly since they're publishing my first book. Check out their forums if you'd like to find a place for engaging conversation on the Internet.

This is a current events search engine that tracks what Daypop call "the living web". What they mean by that is sites that are updated on a daily basis -- news sites, blogs, magazines, and so on. What I use is their top 40, which is my attempt at trying to get a sense of what people are interested in/talking about. Because they have so many tech-related blogs, this tends to be a little heavy on technology- and developer-related information, but it's still an interesting read every morning.

My own websites
Obviously, I spend a lot of time updating my own sites, so at the risk of being self-serving, I'll list those too for now.

The Emily Chesley Reading Circle
You can read more about us in other parts of this site, or simply visit the site itself. I'm proud of the depth of content we've got on this site, but I suspect the site itself is due for a facelift.

MIT 220 -- Digital Imaging & Web Design
This is the undergrad course I teach for UWO, and I've finally gotten around to updating the site to use a css-positioned design.

LIS 523 -- Web Design and Architecture
The Faculty of Information and Media Studies has added this course to their Library and Information Studies graduate program. Unfortunately, it's still done in tables. Someday soon I'll fix it!

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SF Resources for Writers
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Christopher Moore
ENC Press

Emily Chesley Reading Circle
MIT 220
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