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The Lost PowerPoint Slides (The Model Parliament Edition)

Edward IEdward I presents “Hammering Scots is Expensive” (circa 1295) –> Slide 3

  • the War Wolf
  • largest trebuchet ever built
  • but it can hurl 300 lb stones a great distance
  • even Scots afraid of it
  • but dear, so I’ll call Parliament to get taxes.

Edward I presents “Parliament Summons” (circa 1295) –> Slide 1

  • what touches all
  • should be approved by all
  • common dangers met by common agreement.

Edward I presents “Parliament Summons” (circa 1295) –> Slide 2

I need taxes to:

  • hammer Scots
  • flay French
  • wail on Welsh insurgents.

Edward I presents “Parliament Summons” (circa 1295) –> Slide 4

  • seven earls
  • 42 barons
  • one proctor for every cathedral
  • two clerics of each diocese.
  • two knights of each shire
  • two citizens of each city
  • two burgesses of each borough to be elected
  • and the King (me), naturally.

Geoffrey, Burgess of Bury St.-Pluperfect presents “Quid Pro Quo” (circa 1295) –> Slide 5

  • wonderful having been invited and elected to Parliament
  • we will have given Your Majesty taxes
  • after you have already address our grievances.

Edward I presents “Bugger” (circa 1295) –> Only slide

  • I have to be accountable?
  • What have I started?

The Model Parliament: another step towards English democracy. These dudes didn’t have anything to do with it.