This site is now about 15 years old, so there’s some weird legacy stuff about it. With any luck, you won’t notice.

Most of the site is built on the wonderful backbone of WordPress, which is not only great blogging software, but provides a perfectly serviceable Content Management System. The theme I’m using with it is called TwentyEleven, and I’m afraid I’ve mangled it almost beyond recognition. To all the good people at WordPress, and TwentyEleven, my apologies, but thank you for providing the bedrock this site is built upon.

Frequent visitors, especially those who like to click the refresh button obsessively, will notice there’s a plethora of images in my banner. These are meant to be humorous, charming, vaguely paranoid, and generally reflect the variety of subject matter that I joke about (sometimes seriously). Thanks to these folk for their Creative Commons licensed pics:

Sleeping snow monkeys: Stuck in Customs | Viking: hans s |
Gorilla’s head: Onkel Wart | Not amused: M. for Matthijs | Thinker: Patries71 | Dalek: Johnson Cameraface |
Damned; Dr. Strangelove: x-ray delta one | Pirate, arrr: Practical Owl | Clown Large: Stephen Brace | Gasmask1: The Giant Vermin | camel: Charles Fred