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Marvellous Hairy

~a novel in five fractals~

marvellous hairy, a novel in five fractals

So hair is sprouting in unspeakable places and you can no longer carry a tune, but if you’re a surrealistic artiste with an addiction to Freudian mythology and guilt-free sex, turning into a monkey has its upsides. Nick Motbot may be evolving as a novelist, but his friends aren’t too sure about his DNA — at least, not since Gargantuan Enterprises started experimenting with it. And once they figure out what’s happening to him, they decide to set things right.

MARVELLOUS HAIRY is a satirical novel about a group of friends sticking it to the man the only way they know how, with equal parts grain alcohol and applied Chaos Theory.

Part literary fun-ride, part fabulist satire, and part slapstick comedy, MARVELLOUS HAIRY is about the power of friendship and love, the evils of power, and the dangers of letting corrupt CEOs run our world. And most importantly, it’s about how we have to release our fun-loving inner monkeys.

Who needs humanity when you got everything else you could want? Marvellous Hairy tells the story of Nick Motbot, a novelist who finds his DNA being tampered with and has seemed to enjoy monkeying around more appealing than it once was. With much humor and an absurdist tint on many ideas, Mark Rayner presents a novel where humanity is optional, raging against the machine is a good idea, and the upsides of life as a lower primate. Marvellous Hairy is a top pick for any humorous fiction collection, highly recommended.
~Midwest Book Review

Mark A. Rayner is an author with a fantastical sense of humor and a dangerous imagination. Part big corporation take-down, part scientific bizarro experimentation, this novel is perfect for fans of the strange and unlikely!
~The Next Best Book Club

Marvellous Hairy is a weird little beast, a blending of the anything-for-a-laugh mentality of Douglas Adams with the experimental abandon of early Philip K. Dick. Is it satire? Science fiction? A piercing exploration into the nature of being? Good-natured sex romp? Mark’s publisher has labeled Marvellous Hairy as being Fabulist Satire, which is as good a way as any to say that categorizing Mark is a near-hopeless task.
~Corey Redekop, Author of Shelf Monkey

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