The Emily Chesley Reading Circle

Emily Chesley, readingRestoring a speculative treasure

The Emily Chesley Reading Circle is a group of "scholars" and bon-vivants pledged to further the study of Emily Chesley, a speculative fiction writer of the late Victorian period (who lived for some time in the London, Ontario region), who has been long-overlooked by Canadian literature.

Founded in 1998, this website has been a repository of our scholarship about the many fine works of speculative fiction written by Emily Chesley, and about her life.

We have decided to rework the site, in anticipation of the coming rapture of Web 3.0. We do not have a firm date to relaunch the site, but we hope to have it up sometime this century. (No promises.)

Our original website can be found here. It has not aged well, though the content is still amusing.

Perhaps you would like to check out our book, The Meanderings of the Emily Chesley Reading Circle, which includes:

Or you may simply choose to Damn the Norwegians!