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Why the 30 Years War lasted so long

General on the Battlefield

Christian Sell – General on the Battlefield – ca. 1648

It wasn’t just because all the players had such deeply held religious beliefs. It was also because they had a virtual parity in robots and x-wing fighters. Just a little tip of balance, and it would have been over in weeks.

Alltop tips the balance towards funny. Excellent photoshoppery by David Blackwell.

Sad about the singularity?

Sad robot with red balloon

Is this robot really sad? Or is it just celebrating the technological singularity it its own quiet way?

I don’t want to project onto this robot. Maybe he’s programmed to be happy with his single red balloon. Unlike Zathir, the entity that takes over the Internet in The Fridgularity, available on Amazon as a paperback or a Kindle edition. (It’s coming to other online stores in December.)

Alltop is a happy humor aggregator. Image by natdatnl via Monkey Joys.