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18 short fictions (free & online)

18 short fictions (free and online)UPDATE: I’ll leave all these dead links for posterity, but be warned, most of them don’t work. Anything in bold does.

Instead, I’ll suggest you just check out the fiction section of my website. You can also get a free ebook of short (absurd) fictions in my collection, Clown Apocalypse and Other Calamities. You just have to sign up for my email list!

In addition to writing novels, I do pen the occasional short fiction, and they add up over time.

Satire & Humor

Rebranding Thor (Defenestration Magazine, April 2010)
Restraint” (When Falls the Coliseum, March 2010)
The Epiphany of Leonard’s Toenails” (Yareah Magazine, April 2009)
A Reluctant Emcee ( Abyss & Apex, Oct. 2004)
The Feet Feelers of Frigheim Nine” (Fortean Bureau, December 2004). Online version
The Monkey’s Tail, as Told by Marcel Duchamp the Day After Charles Lindbergh Landed at Le Bourget Field (Trunk Stories, Issue #2, December 2004)


Under the Blue Curve” (Abyss & Apex, Q4, 2007)
Through the Lattice” (Chaos Theory: Tales Askew, Summer 2005)
The Ghost and Its King” (Neometropolis, September 2004)
Close to the Wind” (Far Sector SFFH, October 2003, available at Fictionwise.com)
Any Port in a Storm” (Parsec, Summer 1999) *Nominated for a 2000 Aurora Award

Alternate History

Gross Bodies and Light Convertible” (Oceans of the Mind, Fall 2006) –> note, this is a pdf!
The Consolation of Victory” (Paradox, January 2004)
Thor’s Brood” (The Meanderings of the Emily Chesley Reading Circle, 2003) –> note, this is a pdf!
The Gallant Captain Oates” (Would That It Were, July 2002)
The Afrikaners of East Nissouri” (Would That It Were, Jan. 2002)

Other SF

The rush of heaven downward” (Flash Me, 2003)
Hounding Manny” (Oceans of the Mind, Fall 2002)
Courage Translated” (TT2000 Anthology, Summer 2000, (EOTU Ezine, Feb. 2002)

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