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42: win and wear the ultimate answer!

The ultimate answer in sterling silver form

I thought this would be a cool thing for fans of the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy to win. I’d wear it, and then revel in the adoration of my fellow nerds.

Why 42?

Forty-two is the answer to life, the universe and everything, in Douglas Adams’s masterpiece, a surreal and goofy romp through the universe.

Why giveaway this?

Because I think that fans of HHGTTG will also enjoy my new book, Alpha Max: An Existential Romp through an Absurd Multiverse. Now, I’m not saying Alpha Max is as funny HHGTTG, because that’s a pretty high bar.

However, I have had reviewers compare this work to that of Adams, and also Kurt Vonnegut.

The winner will also receive a signed, first edition copy of my new book!

Cover of Alpha Max, a different answer than 42
My newest book, coming November 2, 2021!

Here’s the blurb:

Maximilian Tundra is about to have an existential crisis of cosmic proportions.

When a physical duplicate of him appears in his living room, wearing a tight-fitting silver lamé unitard and speaking with an English accent, Max knows something bad is about to happen. Bad doesn’t cover it. Max discovers he’s the only human being who can prevent the end of the world, and not just on his planet! In the multiverse, infinite Earths will be destroyed.

Personally, Max thinks the multiverse is in big trouble, because he can’t even keep his toenails clipped on the regular, let alone stop the apocalypse. His only “allies” are a race of manic pixie aliens and dozens of other versions of himself; and let’s face it, both groups are annoying as heck!

From award-winning author Mark A. Rayner, Alpha Max is a silly and serious spoof of the science fiction and superhero movie trope of multiple realities. Fans of the humorous science fiction of Douglas Adams and the black humor and satire of Kurt Vonnegut will love this dark comedy that will make you think as well as laugh.

Click on the link in the 42 giveaway and get the book on presale! (That will also give you an extra entry in the contest!)

Check out some of the advance praise for Alpha Max

Photo of 42 by Mark König on Unsplash