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SOGENFJORD, Norway (The Skwib) — Scienticians at the Institute for Busting a Gut (I-BAG) here in Sogenfjord have just discovered that using all-caps in electronic communication is not perceived as being funny.

“Yah, is quite a finding. Even if joke IS ACTUALLY funny, all caps makes it not funny,” Dr. Knud Hammerhung told The Skwib.

Additionally, the researchers at the I-BAG discovered that excessive use of exclamation marks also made potentially humorous material also less amusing.

“And is interestink,” Dr. Hammerhung said, “also we are finding that as language is less grammatically correct, and more filled with … how you English say … spelling errors, is also less amusing.”

I-BAG is the pioneering facility that discovered nobody thinks joy buzzers are funny anymore. The Institute is also conducting a longitudinal study to discover if the French have a sense of humor in the conventional sense.


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  2. It’s em,barassing to splee some of the GReman words correctly… and (never go to a convention with a French person. (*,,,,,*)

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