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Amazing Stories loves Alpha Max

So, once upon a time there was this incredible maniac. He invented stuff like The Isolator and was really into home brewing radio sets. Oh, yeah, and he invented science fiction and started the first magazine devoted to it. I’m talking about Hugo Gernsback, of course, and Amazing Stories.

The magazine is still around, and it picked Alpha Max to be one of the top new releases in November. The review is, well, uh, amazing. Here’s the closing line:

“Snarky as Pratchett, insightful as Stephenson, as full of scathing social commentary as Swift or Voltaire, and weirdly reminiscent of LeGuin, Alpha Max is the only multiverse novel you need this month, or maybe ever.”

–Ernest Lilley, Amazing Stories

How cool is that?

And as you can tell from the covers, Alpha Max is in some wonderful company. It’s interesting that he mentions Neil Stephenson, and his new book is also coming out this month.

You can read the Amazing Stories review of Alpha Max in its entirety here.

(And also, you might want to buy the book.)

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