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An apology to the Autistic Community (and a thanks)

Ten years ago I wrote a novel called The Fridgularity. As I often do, I prefaced it with some quotations I thought applicable to the themes of the book; one of those quotes referred to Autism as an objectionable condition.

Since the book was published I have come to know some Autistic readers and I have been made aware of the Autistic Self-Advocacy movement.

Recently, an Autistic fan pointed out how that quote was offensive and hurtful to Autistic people. This was not my intention, so I have excised the pernicious part of the quote from all the electronic versions of the book. When I have the opportunity, I will do the same thing for the paper editions.

My goal is to always punch up even if that occasionally includes punching myself in the face and to be an ally.

And Id like to thank the reader on Twitter who gave me the opportunity to address this in what I hope is a positive way.