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Anyone else locked out of their blog?

If you use WordPress and the Bad Behavior plugin, you may have had a nasty surprise this morning, as you were unable to log into your blog. Turns out something dire happened, and you’ll need to install an updated version of the plugin. Once installed it seemed to stop behaving badly. And while I’m not being funny, here are a few carnivals we’ve participated in recently: Grand Rounds, Storyblogging, Film News, and Men’s Guide to Women (#3).


  1. I was – but fortunately, I could still login to my administration menu (I’d had automatic login on before) and though I havent updated the Bad Behaviour plugin, Deactivating it allowed my blog to get back to normal.

    Vijay Sappani hasn’t been so fortunate. He’s been unable to login to his blgo at all.. and I think the only way for him to access it is to either go to his files via FTP and delete the bad behaviour php files in the plugins directory, or else download the upgrade of B.B and then do a direct upload via FTP.

  2. Yep, that’s exactly what I had to do. Works fine.

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