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Christmas Carnage!

Snowscape with holiday greetings

Time for a little blogging break. I’ll be back next week, and in the meantime, I hope you all have a nice little break yourself. If you’re dying for more Skwib, perhaps you can avail yourself of the archives, or even better, why don’t you treat yourself to one of my novels?

The FridgularityGo get The Fridgularity for $2.99 in ebook formats:

Kindle Edition

Smashwords for Kobo and Nook (Use Coupon Code: YU86X).

Dead trees your thing? You can get the paperback here for $12.99. (Use the coupon code: YGMVFZZY.)

You can buy Marvellous Hairy anywhere fine literature is sold online, Smashwords and Kindle. The Amadeus Net is available direct from the publisher, ENC Press, or as an ebook on Smashwords or Kindle.

And you may want to have a wee nip and listen to this Christmas classic too:

The snowy gif above is based on the brilliant photo by mikonT. Alltop had nothing to do with it.