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The Lost PowerPoint Slides (End of the Viking Era Edition)

viking longboat dragon prowKing Harald Hardråde of Norway Presents Invasion of England (slide 3)

  • Why? Many good things to plunder
  • Yes, pillage too
  • (We are Vikings after all.)

King Harald Hardråde Initiates Battle at Gate Fulford (slide 10)

  • Arrgh!

King Harold Godwinson of England Suggests Battle of Stamford Bridge (slide 2)

  • Unfortunately, must force march to get there
  • Yas, Vikings ARE fearsome
  • Stiff upper lip, eh what?

English Traitor Earl Tostig Presents “Oops, Wrong Side” (slide 1)

  • King Harold meet King Harald
  • Very confusing, you see my liege
  • That’s why I helped Vikings
  • I see you’re not convinced.

King Harold Godwinson of England Presents Let’s Slaughter Vikings and Traitors (slide 6)

  • Surprise them when they’re not wearing armor
  • Kill Harald and Tostig
  • Pointy hats my ass.

King Harold Celebrates Victory at Stamford Bridge (slide 3)

  • Good show, the north is secure.
  • Now, let’s go fight Normans at Hastings.
  • I’m sure that will go well too. Pip, pip!

Battle of Stamford Bridge [September 25, 1066 AD] | prow by squirmelia

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