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Why the Internet is still cool

I’m sure I don’t really need to make this argument, but the Internet is still kind of cool, and sometimes it reminds you in pictures.

Recently, a photographer based here in London, Ontario, downloaded an audio book (free) via He liked it. He liked it enough to check out the author and was shocked — shocked — to realize that the writer of the satirical masterpiece he’d just listened to was also living in London, Ontario.

For some time this photographer had been thinking that there were no creative people working in London, Ontario, or very few of them at any rate. This turned him around.

“If this guy is working in London, then maybe there’s other people.”

This was the genesis of his “The Real London” project — “the real London (Ontario) as shown through the faces of its creatives.”

And I was honored to be part of this, and this is the resulting portrait. (Inspired, I think you’ll see, by Marvellous Hairy.)

The Real London -- author Mark A. Rayner

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