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The Fridgularity: Reviews

Selected Reviews of The Fridgularity

“With plenty of humor and much more, “The Fridgularity” is an exciting, sci-fi view askew, highly recommended.”
~Midwest Book Review

“If you’re looking for a combination of humor, romance and a power hungry refrigerator, look no further than The Fridgularity, a very enjoyable read. 5 stars!”

“I think Mark Rayner may be a librarian’s nightmare. I mean, how do you classify the guy? Futurist? Humourist? Fantasist? Just plain odd? Is sui generisa category? Mark’s writings are mashups of the best sort, combining unusual themes with dark wit and a flair for the delightfully strange. I’m thankful we have him safe and sound in Canada, where we can keep an eye on him.”
~Corey Redekop, author of Shelf Monkey and Husk

From Amazon & Goodreads:

Sci-Fi hilarity reminiscent of Douglas Adams …An energetic plot that keeps you guessing, really funny dialogue and ironic situations, an intellectual curiosity about the direction of society and a kick-ass cover… this is Rayner’s best work to date and one that has the potential to be a bestseller. Comparisons to Douglas Adams are legit. Read and enjoy.”
~Mark Young

~Richard S. Friedman

“…Rayner does a very fine job, indeed, of balancing between mockery and hand-wringing, even before this scenario explodes into ridiculous and appalling sectarian conflict and poetry slamming. And while Rayner’s absurdist edge is never far from view, for long stretches of this story the man is dead serious. He has not only thought of the comedic but the tragic possibilities of a post-Internet world in which we have allowed our non-virtual skills to wither and dwindle into something we have to look up in what dead-tree books we haven’t destroyed to scan into ebook form.”
~Kate Sherrod

The Fridgularity has much to give to those looking for an odd journey into the world of super-sentient technology. Or just looking for an entertaining and humorous story with endearing characters. Or just a really damn good book.
~Scott F.

“Ninjas, media zombies and new ways to Facebook and Twitter. Mark gives pages after pages of a comical sci-fi like no other.”
~Donald Armfield