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The Meanderings

…of the Emily Chesley Reading Circle

My name is on this meandering masterpiece, as the editor, but it is a collaborative effort of a number of the members of the Emily Chesley Reading Circle, plus the winners of our short story contest, The Tundra Prize. What is all that about? Well, you’ll just have to buy the book to know for sure, won’t you? Now the blurby:

The Meanderings of the Emily Chesley Reading Circle -- cover art of sepia-toned photograph of lovely young womanYes, there is much to fear in the Circle’s first print publication, but much more to enjoy.

Years before H.G. Wells penned The War of the Worlds, Emily Chesley was defying upper class standards and shattering Victorian assumptions (not to mention a few pelvises). An author, poet, social activist, explorer, aviatrix, and 92-year-old pole vaulter, Emily Chesley is one of Canada’s most interesting–and neglected–writers.

Download a sample of the bio [pdf – 260 kb]

<“I now have indelibly burned onto my retinas the image of Emily cavorting about in the backwaters of some forgotten body of water, looking for her lost love ”¦ bethonged hindward parts bobbing up and down with each dive. I don’t know whether to thank or curse the writers”¦ I am also now incredibly afraid of ”˜fence wedgies’.”
~Don Muchow, Editor, Would That It Were

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