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Botticelli's Hot Babe Molested by the Chimera-Beast of Bufflax XII

Okay, this one is actually called The Birth of Venus, and it was painted sometime between 1485-86 for Lorenzo di Pierfrancesco de’ Medici, who was nicknamed Popolano; this was because he always brought lots of nice drugs to the cool parties. (He was a noted patron of the arts, and Sandro Botticelli was especially fond of Popolano’s “special” mushroom pasta.)

I’d say this is arguably one of the most famous paintings of the early renaissance, and it has certainly maintained its popularity. I was lucky enough to see this one in person at the Uffizi Gallery in Florence, and it’s a bit like the Mona Lisa in the Louvre — the painting is covered with glass, mobbed by Japanese tourists, and is stamped on everything from t-shirts to toilet-brush cozies. The glass is particularly unfortunate, as it’s highly reflective.

Then again, it has to be, in case of the Bufflaxians return and fire laser weapons at it.

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Alltop is the Chimera-Beast of Humor I! If you do one of these — famous paintings with SF/F titles, let me know, and I will link to it from the gallery. Originally published in May, 2010.

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