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Call for Entries and Groovy Generational Ramblings

Anyone who enjoys satire, and has a source for the pure stuff, please send along a link for next week’s Carnival of Satire. Believe it or not, it will be the 100 th edition! Let me know your blog as well as the URL of the satire you’re recommending. It’s okay if it’s your own, but only those who selflessly promote someone else’s work will get a chance to win a copy of THE AMADEUS NET. (And if you’ve already bought a copy, we’ll figure something out.) You can use the form here at BlogCarnival, or just email the details to skwib@markarayner.com (please put Carnival of Satire submission in the subject line). The deadline is next Wednesday evening.

Yep, that was the 100th edition. Still, the Carnival of Satire is much younger than John McCain. This is a fun site which is both satirical and ageist, via the busy Hermenautic Circle Blog. And while you’re there, you will want to follow the link to Braniac, which has an interesting and groovy re-think on who the various generations are, and how they are different.

Or you may just want to relax with the Carnival of Insanities, humor-blogs.com, or alltop.

If none of this does the trick, then perhaps you should have some carbs.