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Carnival of Satire #18

Carnival of SatireWelcome to the 18th Carnival of Satire, here at The Skwib. As always, we have a lively passel of satire, with a slight leaning towards news parody this week. Hah, you thought we were going to say “to the right, didn’t you?” Admit it! It seems like everything is leaning to the right — even Canada — so it’s pointless to say. Okay, onto the posts:

Vox Poplar at Vox Poplar is Right About Everything & Don’t You Forget It! explains why the French sometimes piss everyone off in Les Option Nuclear.

Elisson at Blog d’Elisson “plumbs” new “depths” with this edition of Ask Mr. Debonair. You might want to bring along a wet-nap when you read this one.

Dr. Tundra knew there had to be some kind of explanation, and now Mr. Right at The Right Place has provided it: Sunspot Activity Causes Brief Interruption of Karl Rove’s “Mind-Ray” – Democrats Claim Rare Moment of Sanity. Now, if only we could get Jacque Chirac to turn of his own “Mind-Ray” and let the Republicans have a moment of clarity too.

Okay, this post from Seun Osewa at Naijarita News is satire. For sure. Thag not get fooled twice: 3rd Term Saga: Obasanjo Threatens To Freeze NFA Account!

In this razor-like satire, Buckley F. Williams at The Nose On Your Face discovers Bin Laden Embroiled In Abramoff Dirty Money Scandal.

Peace Moonbeam at the Peace Moonbeam Chronicles decides that to get back into the dating game she needs the Face(lift) Of An Angel.

Bob at either orr pitches in this report by By S.A. TIRE at the MSM News Service: Conservatives mentally deficient, liberal shrinks’ study claims.

Tommy at Striving For Average presents the circular Code of Conduct

FIAR at Radioactive Liberty asks, metaphorically, where the beef is in: What About the Children?.

Over at Avent News, their cub reporters pass on this (fake) news: Pentagon Beefs Up Iraq Troop Humvee Security With Baby on Board Stickers.

Finally, Madeleine Begun Kane at Mad Kane’s Notables takes us out on a poetic note and asks If Not Now, Then When? — Sam Alito In Verse.

Thanks to everyone for their creativity this week! Remember you can submit here with this handy form; the COS is listed at the Ubercarnival, and at the Blog Carnival too.


  1. Thank you for a great job of hosting, as usual!

  2. No problem — good luck with the recovery! m.


    Check out Carnival of Comedy #39 over at Radioactive Liberty. Then, run your Bloggy Little Buns over to Carnival of Satire #18 at the skwib. You might want to bring a Puke-Bucket and a few Handi-Wipes…or perhaps a Cocktail Napkin.

  4. Great Carnival – but who’s that ugly bastard in the picture? Heh.

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