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Carnival of the Vanities # 157

The Skwib will be hosting the Carnival next week (September 21). I just need the usual things when you send me your post. Please email the following to skwib(at)markarayner.com:

  • Article URL (permalink)
  • Trackback
  • Your Name (or pen name)
  • Article title
  • Your email
  • Blog Name
  • Blog URL
  • Category (optional)

The category choices are up to you — politics, economics, naked jello wrestling, whatever — I’m not saying I’ll use them, but they may also prove useful.

Or you could use the extremely handy form at Conservative Cat, which has some categories already figured out for you. If you’re looking for this week’s edition (its third anniversary!) that is being held by its founder at Siflay Hracka.

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