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  1. Hi Mark,

    Can you remove my link from your sidebar please? That domain (cultofqelqoth.com) got bought out by some spammer who’s using my domain to display nothing but advertising.

    Basically, I don’t want him to have the pleasure of using my old domain, just so he can get ad impressions. If he wants traffic, he can earn it himself, just like I had to.

    I’ve created a new website now and have also setup a small archive for some of my older posts from The Cult of Qelqoth. The URL for that is:


    Now I don’t mind whether you link back to me or not but I would appreciate that you remove my former domain from your list, your RSS updates, awards issued and so on, so forth.

    Finally, thank you for previously helping to support my website. Drop me a message anytime if you want. I’d love to hear from you.


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