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Crazy like a fox

Sarah Palin, with a gun at her head

Reagan did a lot of this during the Reykjavík Summit with Gorbachev, but it was part of his strategy.

He was TRYING to make Gorby and the Russians think he was a maniac. Hell, maybe he would launch the nukes — he was that crazy. Though this did cause a breakdown of the talks at Reykjavik, mostly because Gorbachev had a panic attack, and just couldn’t face the ‘mentally deranged’ (Gorbachev’s description, not mine) President. Eventually, they signed SALT II.

Of course, nobody knew this except Reagan. He was convincing. I was convinced. My friends were convinced. We were pretty sure this was likely:


Oh well, it’s helped me write at least one novel.

Alltop is excellent at “duck and cover”. Awesome Sarah Palin cartoon by Zina Saunders.