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David Hasselhoff is a frickin' comedy genius, o-rama.

If you’re looking for a little hump-day humor, you may be surprised to know that David Hasselhoff is a frickin’ comedy genius. And he’s Hooked On a Feeling. In addition to being funny, this video is mildy disturbing.

I’m not a big fan of the “they came in this order, so I’m presenting them in this order” method of doing a carnival, but that’s what we got with this week’s Carnival of the Vanities. That said, the host doesn’t live up the blog’s name, as the post descriptions are short and well done at Accidental Verbosity.


  1. That is seriously insane! Not to mention the fact that there are no cats in it.

  2. Oh that is just WRONG! Holy cow! And is he wearing eye shadow??? I had to click away from it before that song got in my head. But I am afraid it may be too late…

  3. I warned you. Mildly disturbing. Okay, maybe more than mildly, but it is very funny. And I’m pretty sure it’s intentional…

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